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I only have one ride on mine (15 miles of rough trail), but I'm very impressed so far. I've had a Giant TCX and a Ridley X-Fire. The Cannondale stacks up very well against the ridley, I dare say it rides softer than both, and manages to feel snappier at the same time. The only regard that I felt the Ridley was better was straight line tracking...the front triangle was maybe a bit stiffer. I feel the Cannondale is a better bike than the TCX.

My 56cm CaadX frame came in at 1560g, with BB30 bearings and der. hanger installed.

I tried to select some images that show the shaping of the tubing on the frame. The chainstays are pretty drastically flattened, and the seat stays are flattened as well. The dowtube has a "squoval" shape that's hard to capture in an image and the seat tube flares laterally as it approaches the bottom bracket.

Sorry for all the photos, I just remember that I was looking for all these detail shots when shopping for a bike, I find them very helpful.

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