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Yesterday i dragged the old Fila Taos Singlespeed out of storage (in the store warehouse), pumped up the tires, and took a short ride to the local sub shop to pick up lunch

i had forgotten how much fun biking was (i got rather lazy over winter, i had a trainer stand but never got around to using it, D'OH!), i'm gonna get back on the bike in earnest now...

now, here's the thing, i'm itching for a new ride, but i want to keep the costs down, so i'm looking at a good, solid, entry level Roadie....

last night, i stopped at a local bike shop and looked at their entry level road bikes,i thought there was no major difference between a road bike and mountain bike, i was wrong, the roadies were much, much faster than my Trek, i was amazed...

i test rode a Felt 80, and a Giant OCR 2, both nice bikes, the Giant seemed much quicker and more flickable due to the compact geometry

my current gearie is a Trek 4500 with WTB Slickasaurus slicks, good, basic bike, i don't go offroad enough to justify a full on MTB though, so i'm wondering should i just sell it (the guy in the next business over has expressed an interest in purchasing it) and use a combination of that money and tax refund money to get a good, basic roadie?

of course, murphy's law being what it is, i'll never get back what i put into it, and if i *do* sell it, i'd probably want to go off road at some point....

bikes i have tried and liked;
Felt 80
Giant OCR2
Raleigh Sport
Kona Unit (i know, not a roadie, still a nice bike though)
LeMond (not sure the model, their entry-level roadie)

bikes i like but haven't ridden;
Redline Monocog
Redline 925
Trek 1000

one thing that concerns me about roadies, the roads around home that i ride on have some areas of pretty rough/cracked pavement, yes i know i can swerve around them, and pick my path, but even on the Trek i can just plow through them with no problems, how do roadies perform on rough/poorly maintained pavement, am i at a higher risk of pinch-flats?

the main reason i'm looking for a roadie is that i want a bike that's *faster* than my Trek, and since 99% of my riding is on pavment (dirt roads are the worst off-road conditions i'll encounter), a mountain bike is overkill for me

ideally, i'd like to get a good, basic road bike, nothing special, i'd prefer a steel frame, as i'm not a fan of aluminum, too much road buzz

part of me says to just keep the Trek 4500 for my gearie, and pick up a Redline 925, as it hits all my requirements
simple basic bike
steel frame
road tires

the fact that it's a SS is just a bonus, no i won't be screaming along like on a gearie roadie, but it does have the advantage of being mechanically simpler....

too many decisions
Helllp MEEE!! ;)

Spin Diesel
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hate to make this even more confusing

but it sounds like you need a cyclocross bike, all the brands you listed make a 'cross bike. it's a perfect combination of a road bike with some light off roading capabilities.

As I said, Lemond, Trek, Felt etc all make one and you can ask your dealer about them if you don't know what they are

they're built like road bikes but with bigger tires and more powerful brakes so they would give you the best of both worlds. for more detailed info on 'cross bikes, check out the Cyclocross Forum on here. Hope this helps
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