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1. You'll get better luck posting in the China direct thread. Some people here get surprisingly upset when you try to talk about China-direct frames.

2. You do NOT run housing inside the frame – neither for the rear brake (which you asked about specifically) nor for the FD or RD.

3. In fact, I'm not sure you COULD run housing inside the frame, because the frame stops only allow the cable to go through, not housing.

4. Do not forget: there are NO permanent GUIDES inside the frame, so you want to run the bare cable into the frame through the straw that is currently in place; after the cable is run, then remove the straw.

5. KEEP the straw: you'll need it if you need to replace cables in the future.

**I've built up two FR-322 frames, and 4 total FlyXii bikes; they are *fantastic* bikes. Enjoy!
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