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Clean & grease

Jared said:
Hi , i have a problem with my cable. My right shifter is very jerky and it takes more effort to brake than my left one. It seems to be caused by the cable connecting the back brake to the shifter. There is also a grinding/rubbing noise when i squeeze the brake lever. It too seems to be coming from the cable. What should i do? I noticed a hole in the cable the last time i changed the bartape. Can this be the reason?
I have no idea what you mean by "a hole in the cable" because the cable is the inner wire strand. At any rate, your first step is to clean and lube the cable by pulling it out of the casing, wiping off the black stuff, applying a thin layer of lightweight grease, and putting things back together. While you have things apart, carefully inspect the cable for any signs of broken strands or fraying. Also look for rust from the casing. Any serious rust or cable damage, and you need to replace the cable and casing. From your questions, it may be something that you would need help with or maybe needs to be done by your bike shop.
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