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I know LBS' get a lot of flak lately and not all of it is deserved. But I went to buy spokes the other day and they charged me $1.75 per spoke + $0.25 per nipple and then he had the gall to charge me a half hour labour (@ $80 an hour ) for cutting them to length. I will never go back to this store ever again. If I hadn't been so desperate to get the wheels built that night I would have ordered online, that is certainly what I will do in the future.

I appreciate online sales are hurting the LBS, but I wouldn't have trusted the kid who supposedly cut my spokes to change an tube. While I waited to pick up my spokes I had to listen to him try and sell a guy with a Titanium Lightspeed (that had a lot of hard miles by the look of it) an 12-25 cassette because he wasn't sure the guy was strong enough to use the 11 tooth cog he wanted. The reality was the didn't have the 11-25 he wanted in stock and he was too lazy to place an order.

The worst part is that this store used to be staffed by some really good guys and I believe they still have at least one really sharp mechanic on staff, but I won't ever take the risk of getting one of the twits I dealt with the other day again.

Excuse the rant, but I needed to vent. I am in the process of building up a new ride and I ordered almost everything online and service and pricing I get from online dealers is great. I walk into a long standing local bike shop and get screwed by a 20 year old who looks like he has spent a couple hours on a fixie in his whole life.
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