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evilduc996 said:
I use a program on my phone to calculate miles and calories burned. The only thing I haven’t done for it is hook up a heart rate monitor to help.

I know that it is more work to ride an MTB that it is a road bike. I’m currently riding an MTB till I get my road bike this winter and am only riding on roads. My question; it has a section that you can input MTB or cycling sport, transportation to calculate calories.

When you input MTB you burn about 1000 more calories.

What would you guy’s set it on.

And don’t tell me to get a computer, because I’ll get one when I get my road bike.

Calories are a measure of power output, like if you race up a flight of stairs with a stop watch you can measure your horsepower (1 HP = lifting 770 lbs up one foot in one second I think).

If you're on pavement, set it to "road" knobby tires make for more resistance, but I don't think enough for a ride unless it's a long ride.....
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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