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Received my Shamal Ultra Ti, clincher-only (not 2-way) with Campy freehub (2008/09 model year):

FRONT without skewer
claimed 605 g
actual 617 g

REAR without skewer or cassette lockring
claimed 790 g
actual 832 g

TOTAL WHEEL SET without skewer
claimed 1395 g
actual 1449 g

3.9% Higher than claimed (not too unreasonable).

Campy Skewers (actual, no claim listed)
Front 55 g
Rear 63 g
TOTAL skewers 118 g

GRAND TOTAL Wheels + Skewers :
actual 1567 g

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Yup, that's pretty much what it says on Weight Weenies too. Although I think that you are the first to post the weight with skewers. I just tried mine out for tthe first time yesterday, no hills yet. They seem to be free of that famous Campy freewheel clicking that I have on my Eurus when I coast. I sort of miss it.

Thanks for the info. :thumbsup:
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