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MSRP for Super Record 11 speed.

R der: 500
F der:230

MSRP for Record 11spd

MSRP for Chorus 11 spd

Hubs are unchanged, but go up in price
F: 175

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So the Chorus shifter has gone from a bearing mech to a bushing mech, yet it cost close to $200.00 more than the the '08 levers. I won't be in the market for any of this '09 stuff.
Just really don't like the fact that Campy is "dumbing down" the Chorus group.

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MSRP vs Market Price

I have read in 2 different sites that 11 spd Chorus and Record will be the same price as 10 spd. SuperRecord is supposed to be 20% more than Record. I'm not sure what the relationship between MSRP and market price is, but these prices are a LOT higher than current market prices for Chorus and Record.

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You'd have to be a real dummy to pay MSRP. FRom what I've read SR will be 17% higher, while Record will drop 2% and Chorus stays the same. Asking prices will be high to start with, as alwasy with new groupos, but prices will come down. The decline of the dollar is finally coming across at most online stores and '08 prices on a lot of items have already gone up.

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I am curious to hear what other people are thinking about pricing on 2009 gruppos from Campagnolo and Shimano. It has been widely reported that prices for Record and Chorus will remain largely unchanged from the 2008 levels. For instance, Cycling News reports that “Record is predicted to retail at 2 percent less than the current 10-speed while Super Record is projected to be 17 percent higher.” (see - the world centre of cycling ; i.e. However, to say that the Record Group will retail at 2 percent less than then the current ten speed may be highly misleading in the end.

The only place that I can find prices for 2009 Campagnolo Record is at Competitive Cyclist. They currently list the 2008 Record Gruppo at $1,765. (see Configure/Buy Gruppo Component Package - Competitive Cyclist ; i.e. Possibly it was previously a little higher, but I doubt that it was more than $1,900 over the past year. At these 2008 prices, the 2009 Campagnolo Record should cost between $1,730-$1,862. Instead, they are priced at $2,800. Clearly, this is not a 2% decrease as indicated in Cycling News and elsewhere.

The knee-jerk reaction is to attribute the pricing to the initial gouging that goes on when any new product comes on the market and the demand exceeds the supply. Some people will pay just about anything to be the first to get the item, so some suppliers take advantage. I am wondering, though, if there is something else going on here. I nearly always purchase parts on-line because I do not really need the assistance of a shop and, while I would be willing to pay a little more for service, the premium that most shops charge for Campagnolo Record and Shimano Dura-Ace to me seems exorbitant. That said, Competitive Cycling had this posted on their web site:

“We've gotten some interesting feedback already, specifically about the pricing of Super Record 11 and Record 11. We need to be really clear about one point: We don't make these prices up. We swear. Rather we're experiencing a breakthrough moment with Campagnolo: For the first time EVER in the history of the company, they're providing dealers an MSRP list for their components. In theory, every Campy dealer in the US will sell 11-speed at the same prices. Our prices here are indeed MSRP, so folks who accuse us of trying to abuse early adopters are, well, wrong. Ditto with Dura Ace 7900. Competitive Cyclist is a card-carrying Campagnolo Pro Shop and Authorized Shimano Internet Dealer, and that means we're obliged to advertise their components for MSRP. Campy 11 speed and Dura Ace 7900 is mouthwatering stuff, and it's worth every penny. We just want to make it clear that we don't make up these prices -- Campy and Shimano do.” (See What's New - Competitive Cyclist ; )

A guy that I tried to speak with at Colorado Cyclist indicated that there was always MSRP from Campagnolo and Shimano. However, this may have something to do with semantics. There was a recent Supreme Court decision that basically made it much easier for manufacturers to dictate prices to retailers. (See Price-Fixing Makes Comeback After Supreme Court Ruling -; ) I am wondering if Campagnolo and Shimano are now going to get tougher on on-line sellers regarding price. If that is the case, the 2% price decrease for Record may, in reality, be a 58.6% increase for those of us who choose to purchase on-line. The other question that remains is whether this will simply affect the prices that the on-line retailers advertise and we will then be forced to haggle over the phone to get a more reasonable price on the gruppo. If the prices stay fixed at $2,800 it will be a real windfall to local sellers as there will be much less incentive to go to the internet to get a better price. Any thoughts?
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