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Need help finding where I can get a replacement. I have a set that I am putting on one of my kid's bikes, and one of the cable fixing bolts is broken. These are from 98 or 99, so fairly recent. This is the style where the allen wrench tightens from the front of the brake caliper (I can post a picture if necessary), not the modern Record/Chorus style with the cable bolt tightening from the side.

I did a quick compare to the brakes on my Veloce, and I suspect the Veloce bolts will fit. I may take one of them apart today and test that out. Otherwise, I am not having luck finding this bolt.

I checked Branford, Bikepartsusa,, icycles, but have not found anything that would fit. Obviously don't want to spend a fortune on these (the Avanti brakes are not worth it), but want to get the right parts to get his Mirage bike up and running (trying to keep it in the family).

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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