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From the Campy Only website:

The Campy design allows the user to replace the bearings where Shimano makes the entire bottom bracket as sealed unit which must be replaced in its entirety--the old one is then thrown way. The really neat thing about the Campy design is that you can get the bearings from almost any local bearing distributor and you can change the characteristics of the bottom bracket. It is possible to substitute faster low drag bearings or full contact metal sealed (high drag) bearings if you ride in the wet a lot. I have a friend who lives on board a sail boat who ruins bearings like crazy on his bike that he keeps on the ship. The answer was a set of stainless steel-cased full-contact sealed bearings. There is nothing special about the Campy bearings to force you to use their bearings.

I've also read of folks replacing the bearings on other forums. The required bearings are two 6803 and one 6903. They are available at for $5-10 each.

If you're sure that the BB is toast, you have nothing to lose by taking it apart. If you can get it apart without destroying anything, then reassembly should not be a problem.
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