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What is the oldest Campy rear mech I can use on a nine speed cassette? Most of the "only campy" or "campy only" or "death to shimano" or "cappuccino can kick green tea's A$$" sites don't give specific measurements. I would love to find a site that has a table of lateral distance traveled/largest compatible rear cog/biggest compatible front ring drop/etc. for different model derailleurs (all manufacturers) for compatibility studies. I.E. I mix stuff up all the time but rely on trial and error rather than empirical knowledge. There are a lot of sites that come close but none that I have found have all the info I need to build my monsters. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Just as an aside, I keep track of all my bicycle projects and lists of needed parts for specific frames including dimensions of all the major components with a little Cheap ShareWare Program called "Automotive Wolf". I started using it for my motorcycles and thought it might be useful for the bicycles. I can create a record of all the changes through time for any particular bike frame. That let's me easily remember and get back to original if necessary. Plus it's a handy place to keep all the serial numbers and specs so I don't have to measure every other week.

Plus, when I go to swap meets I just print out a maintenance record or parts list for each bike and I know what to look for and what dimensions I need for say...a specific handlebar stem, or what frame clamp size I need on a front deraillerur.

Anyone have a better method they'd like to share.
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