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I currently have the Ksyrium SL SSC and have been riding them trouble free for 2 years. But I am building a new bike and am torn between the Euros and the Ksrium ES.

I have read the reviews of both and am leaning towards the Euros. ( I like the black look and think they are less gaudy thean the ES) However I am building my C-50 with Dura Ace. Does the Shimano compatiable EROUS wheels ride as smooth?

Second the only consideration I have in choosing the ES is the supposed no questions asked MP3 warranty offered by mavic. Their home site does not even talk about it. You have to google it under mp3 mavic to locate it. 2 years No q’s That is a little reassuring when you spend a lot of money.

So: Mavic ES Pros: 1. offered 2 year warranty includes crashes. 2. Slightly lighther
3. I am use to the SL

Cons: 1. more $$ by about 150.00 (would be more but the shimano compatibale is 75.00 extra for the euros) This would increase to $225 with the MP3 warranty.
2. Not as aesthetically pleasing to me.

Euros Pros: 1. Cheaper
2. Look better with my bike

Con: 1. Not sure about durability.
2. No (NO Q’s asked warranty)
3. A little heavier (not really worried about this)
4. Stability of rear wheel spoke pattern vs. ES.

I am 6’ and weigh 163.
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