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DIRT BOY said:
Aerus Full carbon fork?

It came with my BLUE RC6 and I would like to use it for the matching paint job, if it's as stiff and compliant as the EC90 SL. The weight is about the same.

The fork weighs in @ 348g un-cut.
I was wondering why you opted to buy an Easton separately when the Blue frame is priced with the matching fork included.

I think it'll be hard to get a side my side comparison of the two forks being as though Blue isn't all that well known yet. However, a friend of mine did have an experience with an Easton fork on his custom Seven. When he first got his bike he complained about the sloppy handling to Seven customer service, who pointed out that the bike was designed around their own carbon fork. Problem solved. Not a knock on Eastons, but bikes are typically tested and designed around their own fork. I'd just go with the Aerus, accept the 20 gram weight penalty, and sell the Easton. Besides, the black and red of that Easton look kinda weird on that beautiful blue frame.

Also wondering why you didn't go with some Extralite cranks. FSA's aren't really that light, especially considering what they actually weight vs. what they claim.
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