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Yes, some rentals here and plenty of places to ride.

toomanybikes said:
OKm wifey has booked plane tickets, hotel and rental car in San Diego in March.

Is there anywhere in the area I can rent a decent bike for a week and if so - where can I ride?


Link to a list of San Diego LBS:

California Bicycle Inc rents, located in La Jolla:

Also Bike Tours San Diego: but I think only cruisers

You could start there and maybe they could be more specific about where to rent a performance bike if that is what you are looking for. Also good local bike maps are available at nearly all bike shops in San Diego for free courtesy of our local commuting programs.

As for riding you can't go wrong in San Diego, a ride North along the coast or nearly anywhere inland will be most excellent. Just found this site for local routes: Diego Road Routes.htm

Good luck and feel free to request more info.

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