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race classes

Okay, it gets pretty involved, and after this season, changed... But here are the basics.

The first digit, either 1.X or 2.X refers to whether the race is one day (1) or a stage race (2). The number to the right of the decimal basically refers to the stature and supposedly corresponding difficulty of the race with 1.HC/2.HC (hors categorie - a French term) being the highest stature followed by 1.1/2.1; 1.2/2.2; 1.3/2.3; 1.5/2.5. These are what are considered professional races. The classifications of 1.4 and 2.4 were eliminated a few years ago. The .6 and lower races are pro-am or amateur races. Women's races will add a second decimal followed by another digit!

The classification of the race also corresponds with the number of UCI points associate with race/stage wins and placements. Also, Grand Tours do not appear on the numeric scale and are simply classed by the UCI at "GT."

For more info, go here:

UCI Rules, Chapter 2

Start with 2.1.001 all the way through 2.1.010
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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