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That looks like a 1993 R-900 with either Ultegra or Shimano 600. The bike was made of aluminum with a steel fork.
The frame is the 2.8 frame with the rear dropout hanging out further than the bottom bracket. Very stiff bike. Weighs 20.75 pounds, pretty good for back then, heavy by todays standards. Try to get them to 500 bucks if you really like it.
I sold a 2.8 on ebay for 600 last year but it was in great shape and with new wheels.
Keep in mind that these bikes only had 8 gears on the cassettes, now we use 10!
This bike probably sold for 800 dollars brand new.

Click on this link to the 1993 catalog...Then go to page 30.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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