Cane Creek eeSilk suspension seatpost unveiled

Cane Creek has announced the release of an ultra-light suspension seatpost called the eeSilk Post. The post is designed to reduce fatigue and increase control for riders on drop bar bikes, particularly when riding on rougher surfaces such as broken tarmac or gravel roads.

The eeSilk Post offers 20mm of elastomer based vertical compliance and is made from forged and machined aluminum with titanium fastening hardware. The post's minimalistic design allows the eeSilk to weigh in at less than 300 grams, comparable to many performance alloy seatposts.

"The eeSilk Post is all about extending your ride," said Brent Graves, president and CEO of Cane Creek. "It not only reduces fatigue over those long road rides, it gives you the ability to take a road - be it gravel, or rough pavement - that you might not have felt comfortable riding with a rigid post. It's about giving you options as a rider."

Cane Creek eeSilk suspension seatpost unveiled

The eeSilk Post comes in a 27.2mm diameter and is 350mm in overall length. Interchangeable elastomers allow the post to accommodate riders ranging from 100-330 pounds. Three elastomers are included as is a dedicated tool to allow riders to quickly adjust between them.

"We put a lot of thought into every detail of the eeSilk Post," said Sam Anderson, product manager for Cane Creek. "From the inclusion of a beautifully welded titanium thumbwheel on the clamping bolt to the angled cut at the insertion end of the post we made sure that every detail was thought out to meet the needs of today's performance all-road, endurance and gravel rider."

Key Specifications

  • Weight: 295 grams
  • Travel: 20mm of vertical compliance
  • Post Diameter: 27.2mm only
  • Length: 350mm overall length
  • Offset: 8mm
  • Materials: Forged aluminum post, machined aluminum arms, natural hard anodized aluminum axles with IGUS bushings, Titanium seat clamp bolts, front bolt with an ergonomic thumb wheel design for a tool free adjustment
  • Adjustments: 3 elastomers included with each post accommodating rider weights ranging from 100-330 pounds
    Extra Soft (#1 for riders less than 100lb) and extra firm (#9 for riders 260lb-330lb) elastomers are available for purchase separately
  • Removable axle to change elastomers. Elastomers can be changed without taking the seat off of the bike. Post ships with an elastomer changer tool to quickly re-install the axle
  • Finish: Ghosted laser etching graphics, sandblasted finish below the minimum insertion line, Machined finish above the minimum insertion line
  • Seat Compatibility: Seat rail clamps accommodate metal/round and composite/oval rails

Cane Creek eeSilk suspension seatpost unveiled

The eeSilk Post comes in a subdued black, two-tone, gloss and sandblasted finish with only a minimalist black-on-black laser-etched graphic on the side of the post. They will retail for $289 and will be available through Cane Creek distributors and retailers or factory direct through the company's website at beginning in July.