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I'm 135-140lbs depending on time of year. I'm looking at getting a set of tubular cross wheels for racing on next season. I have found some killer deals on the cane creek volos wheels. I wonder if anyone else has had experience with them? 24 spokes front and 28 rear.
I'm also scouring ebay for used ultegra or dura ace tubies too, but I like the idea of the volos if they are appropriate.

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Cane Creek Volos

For you the Cane Creek Volos would probably be a good choice for cross. Durable, easily serviceable, relatively light weight. Myself and some friends have been using the Volos model and a couple of other Cane Creek models for a couple of years with no problems.

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Team Sachs rides Cane Creek

I've seen them ride the aros and volos, good wheels, good team. I own a pair of aros, nice wheels, that I have not had any problems with.

Heres my little secret if you can find a gently used set of hand built tubulars that range from 1200-1600g that cost $150-$250, buy them an ride them.

am class, sapim spokes, mavic gel280s= 1250g aprox (may be not for cross)
DA, relfex, 14-15 DT DB= 1600g
Am Class, 14-15 DT DB, velocity escape= 1400g

Um... Zipp Pave cyclocross 303 1350g $1200+....ouch
$1000 for 50g less, double ouch.
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