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Chris G said:
Does anybody have any comments on the cane creek aeros 58? any good ? compare to zipp404 need help looking for aero clinchers at good cost. custom made any better cheaper?

I had a pair of cane creeks on aerohead rims, the hub version before the present. they were, and still are, quite heavy hubs. they were fast wheels, and were pretty durable despite the low spoke count (24f/28r). the front hub was OK. for the rear hub, they used a cheap LX hub body, and the bearings turned a little gritty. I didn't think the wheels were worth MSRP. now, the rear hub is all cartridge bearings.

as was pointed out, the aeros 58 is the zipp rim - zipp lets a lot of people use their 404 rim (Ritchey, Cane Creek, Velomax, a couple more), but only the previous version. the present dimpled version is available separately from zipp. chances are one of the custom builders on the site (mike garcia, ergott, ligero) could get you the rim and build it to your choice of hubs, and probably a little cheaper than the stock zipp wheel.
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