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Looks like both Vuelta and Cane Creek simply add different spoking patterns to what is a 404 rim without the golf ball dimples and charge more for it! I'm on the hunt also for a clincher aero wheel and I've pretty much come to the conclusion that Zipp have the best rims in this field.. you might want to check out the Tour test that was done some time ago.. all the usual suspects were tested against eachother- every deep aero wheel from the ridiculously expensive Lightwheel through Easton tempest, Ambrosio, Reynolds etc to the Zipp 808 which turned up the closest aerodynamically to a disc wheel. The 404 is the same design if a couple ot cm smaller.
If you search for "deep rim" you should find a link to it on this site.

The survey made a thorough wind tunnel test of all the current models subjecting them to different angles of wind. At certain crosswind angles the zipp 808 was actually helped along rather like a sail though the tester couldnt vouch that the dimples were the cause of the better performance.

... all in all though the zipps seem to have the edge at the moment.
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