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g_5706 said:

Just wondering if anybody else is missing the System Six, Six 13. I have both bikes (and a Caad5 )and for some reason I am not feeling great with the direction Cannondale is moving. Look at the replacement of the System Six, the Six... is there even a comparison to these two bikes?

I always thought I would replace my Cannondale bikes with a Cannondale , but maybe I should start looking at other companies.
It pains me to think I am doing the same thing, I have had 4 Dales over the last few years (CAAD 5, 7, 8, and now 08 S6) the CAAD 5 snapped:mad2: , and I am just trying to go through warranty for my S6 for a crack also:mad2: :cryin: I don't like my chances of warranty as I bought it from the States, I'm from OZ, they don't like that sort of thing, I might of done my $$$ on the frameset. 50% hit ratio for me is not good enough. I am looking at the Specialized S-Works SL2.


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