Anyone who owned a Cannondale Advanced Aluminum Design (CAAD) model will attest to its versatility, and ability to go toe-to-toe with carbon-framed counterparts. The CAAD frames empower riders to build a lightweight race machine that won't break the budget.

I still remember the explosive feel when sprinting on my first CAAD 9 -stiff, responsive, and rocket fast. Each generation of Cannondale's legendary CAAD series of road bikes has defined high-end aluminum road racing machines. Today, Cannondale is releasing the most advanced evolution yet, the all-new CAAD13.

Cannondale CAAD 13 key updates

  • Increased speed: From a sleek, integrated design that features a new family of highly truncated airfoil tube shapes. Cannondale claims the new CAAD 13 offerings same weight and equal or better stiffness than round tubes. The new minimalist airfoils are said to reduce aerodynamic drag by up to 30 percent, delivering more speed with less effort - something that all cyclists love.
  • Improved comfort and ride-feel: The new CAAD13 design features dropped seat-stays, an internal seat binder and an integrated 27 KNØT seatpost, a combination that doubles the compliance of the frame. The ride is so smooth that Cannondale has declared that the myth of carbon fiber's comfort advantage over aluminum is effectively over.
  • Improved tire clearance: Increasing clearance to allow 30mm wide tires for additional comfort and capability over rougher surfaces.
  • Integrated Fender mounts: Sleek and discrete fender mounts that can take the CAAD 13 from crit race to commute in a matter of minutes.
  • Price range: $1,800 - $5,750
  • Availability: Now
  • More info:

Updated ride quality

Faster, smoother, more comfortable, and more broadly capable than anything that's come before, the new CAAD13 is designed to compete head-to-head with competitors' carbon fiber bikes, on everything but the price.



"Every new CAAD bike we design improves on the preceding version, but the CAAD13 represents a pretty radical new direction for us," said David Devine, Global Product Director, Cannondale Pavement. "With CAAD13, we focused on elements that really improve the ride, namely drag reduction, comfort, and wide-ranging capability, while not increasing the weight."

Fit and Handling

The new CAAD 13 retains the intuitive handling and explosive responsiveness riders have come to expect from this alloy frame while increasing comfort and capability over rougher surfaces. The geometry and high-performance riding position rider position are shared with SuperSix Evo. The position is a race-ready low and aggressive with an optional streamlined higher-stack option.

Sweating the small stuff

Cannondale paid attention to every detail in looking to optimize the rider experience. The CAAD13 is a fitting tribute to the periodic table's thirteenth element.
  • 2-position downtube bottle mounts for minimized drag with one bottle (low) or more hydration for two bottle rides (high).
  • Speed Release thru-axles that allow for super quick and efficient wheel changes.
  • Sleek easy-to-service internal routing that allows for electronic and cable routing with ease.

Cannondale CAAD 13 geometry and sizing

2020 Cannondale CAAD 13

Geometry for the 2020 Cannondale CAAD 13 is striking similar to the Super Six Evo​

Men's sizing 44, 48, 51, 54, 56, 58, 60, and 62,

Women's sizing 44, 48, 51, and 54.

Availible models

Womens models:
  • CAAD13 105 - $1,800.00
  • CAAD13 Disc 105 - $2,100.00

Mens models:
  • CAAD13 105 - $1,800.00
  • CAAD13 Disc 105 - $2,100.00
  • CAAD13 Ultegra - $2,100.00
  • CAAD13 Disc Force - $5,750.00

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