The Nano 50 is a new 50 lux dynamo-powered lightweight LED head lamp that offers 3 remarkable features:

1. USB Charging: In daylight, when the headlight is not required, the Nano 50 can be used to charge Smart Phones, iPods, or anything else with a standard USB connection.
2. Intelligent Light: The Nano 50 detects rider speed and adjusts the beam accordingly, nearer or farther down the road.
3. "Steady" safety feature: Keeps the lamp lit for 4 minutes after stopping. Its brilliant 50 lux LED bulb lasts a remarkable 30,000 + hours.

Tech Specs:
Powered by 6-volt hub dynamo or side runner dynamo
USB charger compatible with all USB devices (i.e. iPod & iPhone)
Best in class high-power 50 lux LED lamp
Optimum light distribution /w Intelligent Beam ® Technology
LED Bulb Lifetime> 30,000 hours
Steady feature keeps the light ON when you stop, up to four minutes.

To order:

SRP: $129.95

Source: Karlyle Walker