Capo for spring 2012 is introducing a new line of socks aptly named Active Compression Socks. The new socks offer a graduated compression starting in the footbed and extending all the way to the cuff to promote better blood flow and circulation - reducing muscle fatigue and shortening the recovery period.

The Active Compression Socks are different than any other sock Capo has offered in the past, starting with the construction. The Active Compression Socks are made with a material called Olefin. Olefin is a Polypropylene that allows the socks to be constructed using a 200-needle, high-gauge process that yields an extremely abrasion resistant sock. Olefin also offers excellent moisture transfer, allowing for faster wicking and faster drying, but has less environmental impact than most other polymers because it leaves very little waste and is easier to recycle than other synthetic fibers.

Capo's Active Compression socks are lightweight, constructed using only a single layer footbed and cuff for a comfortable fit inside cycling shoes.

Available in three lengths, 6mm, 12mm, and a tall 15mm. The three socks are the only socks in Capo's current line that are made exclusively right here in the United States.

All three sizes MSRP for $20 a pair. For more information check out Capo Cycling's Official Website.