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Toyota has released the first video of the i-Road, a strange car is said to be intelligent combination of the advantages of automobiles and motorcycles.
Toyota i-Road property rather special design, a perfect combination between motorcycles and cars with steering wheel controls but only 3 wheels, 2 front and 1 rear;, and when performing actions 1 of 2 front wheels will turn backward to form the fulcrum.
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Toyota i-Road down the street

According to the Japanese car company said Toyota i-Road can sit 2 people as a large displacement motorcycle, in a space with a width of just 850mm and still feel comfortable. This cabin has a closed roof, the occupants do not need to wear a helmet and completely unaffected by rain, smoke and dust.

Vehicles will operate only with electric power. After 3 hours to charge the battery fully, i-Road can go about 48 miles.
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