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Carbon Frames - Crash Survivability?

Hi, (edited for clarity)

What is the likelyhood of a carbon frame surviving a crash?.

Can a carbon frame be repaired if damaged in a crash?
How many bike companies repair their stuff?.
How many have crash replacement policies and what are they?

Anybody have any experiences to share?

I'm looking at and demoing a few frames and some of the light weight stuff scares me a bit as far as durability (scott, cervelo, pinarello, you name it!).

I called Cervleo about their ability and or policies. They said no they do not do repairs but if there is a local carbon builder with some competence they could do the repair (they cited Calfee repairing a cervelo owners frame).

They have a crash replacement policy of dealer cost for a new frame.
They didn't say but I'm guessing that is about 40% off of list price. (is this accurate?)

I love some of the new frames during test rides. While some warranties are great (eg lifetime) it'd be nice to know how durable some mfg's carbon frames really are.

No one expects to go down or wants to but sh** happens. I've raced enough to see it often enough whether in a Crit or a RR (though it may be more likely in a crit).

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