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Plenty of choices at every level of performance you could want, from $1000 to $10K+
Decide what's most important to you in a bike and visit your LBS (or two or three) to see what they have that meets your needs and is within your budget. Most every manufacturer these days has "performance-comfort" or ("relaxed geometry") oriented models in their lineup. Find a shop that does good fittings and see what bikes match your geometry.

Do you want the latest & newest or would you be fine with a 2009 or 2008 model in stock?
If Treks/Specialized/Cannondale are popular in your area, do you want to "go with the flow" or do you want something more unique? It's often easier to get deals on a brand stocked by multiple dealers in your area. An unusual or boutique brand may mean a smaller selection of sizes, models and colors. Warranty service might be harder for a unique brand.

Think about where you would be willing to make tradeoffs to meet your budget. Do you want a complete group of components from one manufacturer, or is it okay that your crankset might be from a different company than your brakes?

Everything on the bike can be upgraded/replaced later, at a cost, and you can always sell your bike and buy again.

Are you willing to purchase online or do you want customer service from a local dealer? Some brands don't allow online sales,

Good "comfortable" carbon bikes to look at in a range of prices include Cannondale Synapse, Trek Madone 3 & 4 series, Specialized Roubaix and the Felt Z series bikes. Fit, more than bike geometry, will determine how comfortable you are on a bike. A bike with aggressive, twitchy geometry for sprint criteriums can be more comfortable than an ill-fitting "comfort" or "endurance" bike.

Expect to pay around $1500-$2000 for entry-level carbon bikes (though cheaper deals can sometimes be found online). The sky's the limit after that.

Good luck and let us know how your search turns out.
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