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While I'm generally biased towards lugged steel - four of my five bikes are just that - I have a steel/carbon bike that I like quite a bit.

It's the Masi Speciale Carbon, with the main triangle built from Dedacciai 16.5 EOM and Dedacciai's "Black Tail/Monobox" carbon rear triangle. Easton fork. They discontinued it after the 2006 model year and I got it on an "employee purchase"closeout (read cheap.) The bean counters at Haro/Masi killed it because it didn't sell. It was priced at retail the same as Masi's full carbon 3V with the same Ultegra/DuraAce build so customers just "walked past it."

I switched out the Shimano bits for Campy Centaur and a bunch of Bontrager stuff (I work for a Trek dealer.) With no real "weight weenie" parts, it's 17.5 lbs. with cages and pedals. I couldn't say if it would weigh more or less with steel stays.

I will concede that it's unrepairable if crashed and I pay close attention to those two little bolts holding the seatstay/chainstay/dropout menage together (thank you, Dario.)

What I do like about this bike is the way it rides and handles. It's more "muted" than an all steel bike, probably as much to do with the carbon fork, but it doesn't have that somewhat dead feel that I've experienced on a number of carbon frames. Out of the saddle it definitely has that "springy" response that I like in my Columbus SL and TSX and Reynolds 531P tubed bikes. The geometry is pretty much "stage race" and it's made a great "Century" bike.

It's not "carbon" and it's not "steel" but I do like it - a lot!
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