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OK, this sounds so simple, but I am working on a Carridice Barley Bag QR hack based on others hacks in the forums. I have one problem. I need to put 1 or 2 extra holes in the leather strap so I can make the straps tighter to hold the hooks I have found.

I remember many many years ago from my high school art class using a leather hole punch to put small holes in leather. They aren't expensive online - ~$8-$10, but I can't find one locally as I'd like to just buy it, put in a few extra holes, and return it (I know, I know).

Anyone else ever put an extra hole in the leather Carridice straps? How did you do it. I'm afraid of wrecking the strap completely if I don't do it right.

I have considered:
- Hammering a small nail thru it.
- Drilling a hole thru it with a 1mm bit

Currently for my hack I am using zip ties for my purposes, but I know they will eventually break, and the zip ties are really not in tune with the Carradice spirit!!!

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Suggested Carradice Hack

In terms of punching a hole through the leather straps there is a tool specifically for this purpose (leather, plastic and a bunch of other materials) that I saw in an Ace Hardware store. My recollection was that it was about $10 and had differnt size bits to make different size holes.

I struggled with a quick release solution for getting my Carradice Camper Longflap on and off my Brooks Saddle. My requirements were:
Did not want the hack to be permanent to the saddle
Wanted the hack to also allow for a shoulder strap
Wanted the hack to bring the bag tight to the saddle tabs to prevent swayig

Here is what I came up with:
I cannabalized 2 panier hooks (the ones that actually clip onto the bottom of a rear rack and are usually attached to a bungee or strap) from a cheapo bag I was no longer using. If you don't have something to canablize you could order the same from Jannd or see other bag manufactures to see if they carry something similar.

I attached the top of the pannier hook (the part that usually has a strap running through it) to the wooden dowel inside the Carradice bag with a small hose clamp and manuvered the hook part of the pannier hook through the leather strap opening.

I positioned the hooks so that the openings face the back of the bike - much easier to get on and off the saddle tabs that way.

My bag is relatively large and I use all 18 liters of capacity on my commute. The weight keeps downward pressure on the hooks which I closed up a bit with some pliers.

Been using this setup for a month now and no issues yet and its much faster than messing with the leather straps which I use elsewhere on the bag to hold my morning newspaper.

I've tried attaching pictures herein without success. If you shoot me an email I can send you some pics.
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