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REUTERS[ MONDAY, FEBRUARY 09, 2004 08:16:14 AM ]
ROME : Authorities banned traffic on Sunday from more than 100 towns and cities across Italy , including Rome and Milan , in an effort to cut growing pollution levels, city officials said.

It would be cycling paradise to get the traffic off the streets on Sundays.

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I just got back from Rome

RemingtonShowdown said:
I'd love to say something regarding "when in Rome" but we're all stuck here in the petroliUm StAtes

No kidding. They're initiative is sorely needed. Italy lacks emissions standards of any type, and while cars are smaller there (ancient streets that were never designed with SUVs in mind), they belch smoke at an alarming rate. It made my eyes and throat burn constantly, and the smog that hangs over the major cities goes way beyond LA or Houston.

Still, in odd contrast, I watched many drivers all but pull to the side to let bikers have the right of way.


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Jed Peters said:
Actually, no, the streets suck.
Yeah, but who cares if you're in a country where cyclists are actually lusted after rather than laughed at?

Much of continental Europe gives way more respect to cyclists than either here in the UK or the States (based on what I've read anyway). Certainly when I was cycling in France (did the Col d'Revard) the motorists were courteous and encouraging when slogging away up hills.

In the UK you are more likely to get some meat head yelling abuse from the passenger window of his mates shagged-out Vauxhall Nova (that always has a stupidly large exhaust on the back, low-profile alloy wheels and a body kit but still has the same crappy 1.2l engine) than someone giving you room.

At least in the States (or Rome) you have a chance of getting a tan as well. It's been raining here for so long I'm starting to get gills on the back of my neck.
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