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Mad Clown said:
I am building an Airborne Manhattan Project and I am trying to decide between Ultegra and Centaur. I haven't ridden either much and have no preference between the two. My main concern in between quality and durability. I don't want a noisy drivetrain and I want the shifting quality to be like a fine swiss watch. I also don't want to have to replace it in 3 years or to have to constantly make adjustments. If my budget wasn't a concern I would build either Dura Ace or Chorus. The wheelset I am using is Bontrager Race lites.

- Roy.
My advice is to look at the shifters/brake levers. They operate a little differently and their porportions are a little different. Pick the ones that you think you'll like better and get the rest of the stuff to match. I'm not sure about the Campy cassette/Bontrager Racelite interface, so I'd be for checking that out before you make a decision. Campy/Shimano feuders aside, there are plenty of people riding both who are perfectly well satisfied.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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