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Central Southern Indiana

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The CIBA Southern Tour ride was a week ago. Awesome.

The Hope Ride in Columbus Indiana is coming soon. It is my absolute favorite of the year. See Ya there.

I've cream floats, pancake breakfast, bluegrass music, and cows cheering me on. What could be butter.....uh, better?
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Looks like this ride has a fun attitude. I'm considering it. Looks like it's a little over an hour from where I live. I'll have to try to motivate myself.
The Hope Ride is my all time favorite. If I could only do one ride a year, it would be Hope. Don't miss it. My drive to the event is 50 minutes.

I plan on doing at least 50 miles, but may do 75 depending upon how I'm feeling. If the weather is good, and there is no appreciable head wind for the last 25 miles....I may do 100.

The lunch stop is awesome, the bluegrass music is awesome, last year there was a new stop that was a farm bistro thing. Awesome.

My guess is there are 1500 riders each year, but the roads are never crowded. It's absolutely wonderful being out in the farm field roads, surrounded by abundant nothingness. Nothing better than an empty road thru farm fields on a warm fall day, cows in the background, windmills, farm houses. long as it doesn't rain, of course. 😀

The routes are similar from year to year, but never the same. Most of the stops are the same, for obvious reasons.
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Only about a week before Hope!
I just signed up. Weather forecast is iffy but who cares if we get a little wet. This looks like a fun ride and I'm looking forward to it.
I'll be there, wearing a POW /MIA jersey. If you see me...say Hi. We might get wet, the weather forecast for Indy is calling for showers, but Columbus Indiana forecast says not until noon.
I'll look for you. Not sure what I'll be wearing, maybe one of my B&O Tour jerseys. I'll be on a white Cannondale.
I'll look for you. Not sure what I'll be wearing, maybe one of my B&O Tour jerseys. I'll be on a white Cannondale.
You found me!

The rain this year chased away a lot of folks. Normally there are twice the number of people at this event. I think the rain also precluded some of the bluegrass music.

The lunch food wasn't as good as it has been in previous years.

I did like the 50 mile route this year. A lot of it was new. They mix up the route every year, change it around, although some of the roads are the same from year to year.

The Beer Ride is coming soon. I should be there.
I thought the turnout was still pretty good considering the early morning weather. I drove through some pretty heavy rain on my way down. I did the 50-mile route also. Met a few nice people and generally had a good time. Forgot my water bottle and had to buy one. You would think I'd be able to remember the basics by now, but no :).
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