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Some options

But first, you will need some specialized tools and access to some parts.

Quick and easy, you need to purchase a new set of wheels. The right person could convert your current wheels to SS, but for what you would spend in labor, you should buy some specific wheels for the job.

$150 will get you some good wheels from a number of online shops. The wheels I bought for that amount came with a track cog, tires and tubes. You can pick up a BMX style freewheel if you want to switch from fixed to SS for an additional $20.00. This SS freewheel should be the same number of teeth or perhaps 1-2 fewer, depends on your drop out length.

If you think you will ever run SS, keep both brakes. If you only run fixed, you could run only a front brake. I'd recommend keeping both for a while.

Be sure the track cog is installed correctly, locked into place with a lock ring as your life may depend on it.

Other than that, the rest is just looks only.

On a fixed, be ready to forget from time to time you are on a fixed and get launched forward when you try to coast. It will scare you to death the first few times.

Most importantly, post before and after pics.
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