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Several misleading things in that reply.

First, you cerrtainly don't need a "new set of wheels." Only the back wheel will change in any way. No need to touch the front wheel.

Second, you don't necessarily need a new back wheel. If that bike has a thread-on freewheel (likely), you can take off the freewheel and replace it with a single-speed freewheel. The threading is the same. You'll likely need to re-space the axle to get a good chainline, and then re-dish the wheel, but that's not really hard.

You can even use a freewheel hub for a fixed-gear setup, but you should be aware of the limitations; i.e., to avoid the possibility of unthreading, you have to use a brake for major slowing efforts. Some people refer to this setup as a "suicide hub," and I don't recommend it without caution for a new fixed rider, but I've ridden thousands of miles on such a hub with not one incident.

For a quick and dirty SS conversion you can just use one of the existing cogs.

Go here for much useful information:
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