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Very simple, my dear Watson.

Cosworth said:
I apologize for my poor description, but I am new to the cycling jargon.

What I meant by the middle gears was counting from the smallest gear on the cassette, I start to have noises when I am in 3-6th gear from the smallest one.

I do not have any noise from the smallest and largest rear gears.

Also, I do not have any noises when I am on the small ring up front.

BTW, I have a standard (2 front ring) setup, not triple or compact.
You start to have noises in 3-6th gear from the smallest one, only in the big chain ring!

The outer cage on the front derailleur is rubbing on the chain in these gears. The derailleur cage is not shifting far enough out. Unscrew the adjusting nut counter clockwise on the shift cable a half turn to tighten the cable and make it pull the front derailleur further out. If it doesn't go further out, unscrew the outer travel stop screw on the front derailleur to allow more travel. Check to see if the cage clears the chain in the large chain ring and smallest cog in back. :idea:
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