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like setting your bike down

wunlap togo said:
I've used a 3rd eye or Deda dogfang chain keeper with my 39/46 double for the last 7 years. I've only ever had my chain go under the chain watcher and get jammed in a crash 1 time, and I was able to yank it out from there and continue the race. I've not dropped my chain or had any other chain/front rings problems at any other time in those 7 years.

I use these things on all my road and cross bikes, they're cheap insurance against a dropped chain and they work brilliantly for cyclocross. Even on a drivetrain with a perfectly adjusted front derailleur, the chain can get bounced off under cyclocross racing conditions. The chain watcher almost completely eliminates this common problem.
too roughly on lap 7's portage

wunlap has it right
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