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Rear wheel hubs are designed to accept either the Shimano design or the Campagnolo design but not both. Many wheels have the option to change the freehub body for either S or C. I notice you appear to have a Shimano compatbile Mavic wheelset. My recommendations would be as follows:

1) Order a Mavic freehub body to accept Campy (maybe $40 to $50).
2) Buy yourself some Veloce or Centaur level cassette(s) as these perform as well as Record for substantially less money.
3) Take the money you save from using less expensive cassettes and have a set of wheels built around your shiny new Record hubs. At least a new rear wheel as you can use any front wheel. Having an extra rear wheel is great if you go between riding on the road (good tire) and the trainer (old tire) a lot.

There are other options to get around the incompatibility of S and C hubs and cassettes but I think you will be happier with this solution and as a bonus you end up with two wheelsets to use. Unless you have a huge pile of wheelsets with some really high end stuff you might as well make the plunge in to Campy now rather than building your bike around an old pair of wheels. Since you are buying all new Record I assume price is not too much of an issue. If you are pinching pennies to make this setup work consider moving to Chorus and doing the change right.
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