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Ghost234 said:
I am currently running a 12-25 and wish to switch to an 11-23 for an upcoming race. I am aware of the big ring to big ring plus 2 links in sizing the cassette, but do I add in the chain link (connector) once I have that distance figured out? Or is the plus two links including the link?

Also should I have to adjust my RDR as a result of this change, or should it be fine?
A change of 2 teeth does not warrant a change in chain length. Only one of those teeth are engaged by the chain (it wraps around half of the cog) and you can't remove a half link from the chain.

The best way to size a chain is using the small-small method, and so that doesn't care what the largest cog is as long as it is within the specification range of the derailleur.

Probably no adjustment of the rear derailleur will be required.
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