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This is why it is so impt to support your local lbs. So they can practice enough on your time and your money in order to get it right. Buy the book by Zinn, buy a screw driver and adjust it yourself. My guess it is cable tension which could be loosened or tightened with the adjuster on your downtube or the one right at the cable stop on the rear derailleur. I can never remember which way to turn it, so I turn it about a half a turn, remember what I did, then go ride it. If it is better turn it a bit more then try it again. If nothing good happens, go the other way using the same method.

Another thing could be the B screw that adjusts the angle of the dangle of your rear d in relationship to the hanger. Just yesterday I built up a bike and the B screw needed 5 turns inward to get the clunking out of the drivetrain.

Good luck.
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