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I may have found a builder for a 'simple' set of wheels.
Since I am a dunce, I could use some feedback.
Me: 155lbs, no racing, paceline stuff...hills, fast flats
I want light, responsive, fast (that might depend on me a little), reliable...
Kinlin 22mm, White Indus H2, Sapim cx-ray, 24 (laced cross 2 front wheel), 28 (laced cross 2 on left, cross 3 on drive).
Do I care about Radial front? Do I care about flat vs. double butted spokes? Any clue what this thing could weigh?

What are the advantages / disadvantages of 22mm vs. 27mm (which would be 20F- cross 2x, and 24 rear (2x left, 1x right- spokes head in).
These are the current two choices...
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