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Chinese Carbon Thread and Ebay direct version 6.0

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I am thinking i will be ordering an FM028 60cm from

The frame/fork combo was quoted to me at $360 (+80 shipping)

What else did you folks order from their website before checking out? The site is a bit hard to navigate, but did you source your additional parts (BB, headset, spacers, bars, stem etc) locally or right on their site?.

I hope to complete a build for under $1500 with SRAM apex (or next group up). I have surgery in 2 weeks, so i will have lots of time to investigate and search for parts/deals

Any other information for a chinabike newbie would be very much apreciated... i have read the stickies, and look forward to having a less common billboard bike

Has this bike been stiff enough for you guys/gals? I would assume most people needing a 60cm bike would be a larger individual, and for us stiffness can be a premium.
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My F8 copy had that problem but carbon paste solved it right away. Did you use carbon paste?
Duh :rolleyes:

Of course I used carbon paste.
I found this on ebay from a US seller, and $269 shipped. Did lots of searching, but can't find much. Good deal?
Alrighty homeslices. I need some advice from someone who has experience with the Tarmac clone. My roommate has a Tarmac SL4, and I'm kind of in love with it. Of course, his is the SL4. I understand that if I were to buy one of the Chinese FM models, it would *not* be equivalent to the SL4, but I do like the frame, the geo, and the way it rides.

Here's my question. I've essentially decided on a Tarmac clone, but something just popped up on a craigslist that caught my eye. A local in my area (literally, down the street) is selling a 2010 Tarmac Pro frameset. It'd come it a crankset, seatpost, BB, and headset, for slightly more than I could get a chinese version of the same.

This is the frame: Specialized Bicycle Components

Anyone ridden this frame? Anyone know anything on how a 5-year-old Pro compares to the new Chinese FM208 (from Dengfu)? Anyone have a solid price on the 208? I realize that the Chinese New Year holidays are going on for a little while, so I've turned to you.

I guess the pros and cons are this:

Craigslist Big S:
Same price, know frame is finished properly (ie, headset and BB), and has a name brand on it. Cons are that part of the reason I want a no-name frame is for the lack of a name. As far as paintjobs go, this one is tolerable. Have ridden a newer (2013) Pro and thought it was bomb-diggity. Frame is used, and appears to be in decent shape (thought the pictures are at least 6 months old).

Same price, but longer wait by 2-3 weeks and possibility of needing extra work. Uncertain of ride characteristics, but can get the paint job I want. Possibility of being same weight. New, unused.

Anyone have thoughts, abusive comments, etc?
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I'd go with the Craigslist one (if its in near mint condition), see my previous conributions to this thread to know why :p
FM066sl BB30 alignment question

I should have posted this on the Chinese thread but cannot access it for some strange reason. I have been working to figure this out, but I am running an older generation Sram Red 10 speed crankset (GXP). I am running the FM066 BB30 frame with a Praxis BB in it. What I am realizing is that the non drive side crank sticks pretty far away from the chain stay (compared to the drive side) when everything is mounted up. I am pretty sure this is considered a symmetrical frame when all is said and done. I have posted at length about this in the wrenching forum. That said, has anyone had any issues with the BB30 shell not being centered? I am trying to decide if I need a new set of cranks or a new frame.
Has anyone made a build based on Miraclebikes FM 186? I really love the design, I will even say it looks better than the F8 I guess it tries to replicate.

I'm a little worried about the weight and the price (!). The later because it seems to be a bit cheaper than some of the other frames.

2014 New Road Bicycle Bike Carbon Frame Fork Seatpost Headset UD Matt BB86 53.5cm Frameset-in Bicycle Frame from Sports & Entertainment on | Alibaba Group

Would love to hear experiences and see the results of final builds.
so my deng-fu 206 is now here, having winded its tortuous route to spain via a van from margate, uk to avoid spains hellish anti-Chinese bike dumping taxes! it looks great to be fair, although I have already had some of the traditional Chinese qc issues with building it. unfortunately the build has stalled rather early due to being currently owed several thousands of $ by my bloody work, meaning that as yet is has no wheels... not ideal for a bike... hopefully that will be sorted by Friday and things can get moving again!
Amazing. Do we all celebrate with specialized and the take down of Specialized has now saved many many lives in the near future. Co-payment at doctor visits, death, broken bones, dentist, ect....
Anyway, I was actually looking for an endurance frame from China. Anyone have any good suggestions. Something like a synapse, roubaix or domane. How would the quality be compared to the originals.
The only frame I know of that is considered "relaxed" would be the fm029. Several vendors sell this model (or one very similar) under different names. Zhongwei calls it the R-008 and seem to have a good price on it. Pretty close to pulling the trigger on it as my current frame's geometry isn't the best for me.
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Hey nirVELOvana. Can you please reply with your email..

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Hey nirVELOvana. Can you please reply with your email..

Thank you!

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I'm more than happy to answer any questions you want to ask me right here in the forum though。
Sorry。 I never give me private contact details out to anybody I encounter on the Internet。 Once bitten。。
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。。。or was there a request to post personal data on a public forum (which is a no-no)?。。。
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Does anyone have a good comparison between the dengfu fm208 and fm098? it seems like the fm098 is very popular but the fm208 is significantly (ust under 300g) lighter. Im debating building one of these and would love some feedback from anyone with a fm208 since I havent found as much on it. Seems the weight difference in the 098 is made up mostly from the more aero frame? any help is appreciated. cheers
。。。a good comparison between the dengfu fm208 and fm098。。。
FM208 vs FM098
I am seeing 2014 or 2015 synapse frames being offered on aliexpress through vendors who say it's a greatkeen frame. Has anyone taken the plunge and bought one? online chat w rep said it's a new product. How long would you wait before buying a new frame design from these chinese factories? Bound to be some problems to work out in first run of frame right?
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