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From the Los Angeles Times (,0,5094651.story)

A peer-reviewed study finds cyclists who drink chocolate milk as a recovery drink have 50% greater endurance than those who drink Endurox. The study also found that ordinary Gatorade outperforms Endurox and is about as good as milk.

The LA Times story quotes a number of exercise physiologists saying that this is very believable because milk is particularly suited to exercise recovery because of its high calcium content and its protein to carbohydrate ratio.

The folks who make Endurox accuse the study of being sloppy, unscientific, and biased (it was funded by the dairy industry).

I'm very skeptical about placebo effects in studies like this. I don't think you can improve your performance by 50% by changing your recovery drink. Since there is an important psychological aspect in exercising to exhaustion, I suspect that placebo effects are bigger than any actual physiological effect and it's hard to see how you'd avoid them. The standard way to correct for placebo effects is to do a blind or double-blind study, but how would you set it up so the athletes didn't know whether they were drinking chocolate milk or Endurox?
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