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Choosing A Bike Fitter

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I'm planning to buy a "forever" or "last" bike in the next year or so, I'm thinking it's worth getting a fit to make sure I buy the right size bike. A quick Google search shows several places within a few hours drive with a variety of services and price points, but I don't know what to look for.

1. Generally what should I look for when picking somebody to do a bike fit?

2. Specifically, I'm located about 2 hours drive west of Madison, WI. Is there anybody you would recommend roughly in the radius of Madison-Dubuque, IA-Rochester, MN?
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A couple basic "rules of thumb" that I use when trying out a new bike; Start with the right frame size, or something close. I'm 5'11" and a 56mm or 58mm frame works for me (I have both), as well as 170 or 172.5 crankarms (I also have both, in addition to a fixie with 165 cranks, but that was originally set up for track use). Set the saddle at mid-height and mid-forward/aft position. Then knees should be slightly bent with pedals at 6:00, sight-line of the handlebar should line up with front axle when riding on the hoods with arms slightly bent. Make adjustments to the saddle height as necessary, but not to the extent that it is at an extreme position. You want to be able to make further adjustments if needed.
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As detailed above, I'm not confident in my ability to get close. If I was planning to buy a $1,000 bike I would agree that it's not worth spending money on a professional fit, but I'm hoping to spend closer to $4,000 including a frame that's worth upgrading in the future. A few hundred dollars extra to get a frame that's exactly what I need right now with room for future adjustment seems like a worthwhile investment.
If you are buying a $4,000 bike from a reputable bike shop, then you should be getting a professional fit for for free. Frankly, same for a $1000 bike. But if you do have to pay a fee, it should be worth the same regardless of the cost of the bike.

As for top speed, the max I've recorded is 51 mph.
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