Chrome adds one more urban SPD shoe to their line this week with the Truk Pro. The new shoe is available at Chrome's HUB stores in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Portland, and online for the $95.

The Truk Pro at first glance may look like many of the other canvas shoes out there, but if you look closer, it's actually a 1,000-denier Cordura outer shell that is said to be 25 times stronger than canvas. Already one of Chrome's more popular urban shoes, the addition of Chrome's new dual-density FlexPlate technology just adds to the appeal of the Turk Pro for commuters, messengers, and others who live and work on the bike. A fully rigid sole from the heel to the ball of the toe area, with a flexible toe area the shoe is said to have five times more flex compared to any traditional fully rigid SPD shoe.

Available in black or grey, Chrome claims it's a shoe you'll want to wear all day, everyday.

For more information check out their website here