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So I was asked by my beautiful, wonderful, understanding wife what I wanted for the birthday this year and I responded in my usual way...a new frame. More of a long standing joke between the two of us than a real answer, but this time she surprises me by saying "ok, which one". So now I've got a problem on my hands. I was very eagerly looking at the Ciocc COM 12.5 at the time as it has all of my general requirements filled. Steel, relatively lightweight (I'm 5'7" and only 142lbs, I don't worry too much about bike weight), similar basic geometry as my current bike (51 cm ST, 53.5 cm TT) and a 1" steerer tube (I don't know why, I just prefer the 1"). Not to mention the black and yellow matches my teams kit. Now my only question is about the sizing and other geometry info. I'm looking for the headtube and chainstay lengths.

Also, I just did a fit with the Comp. Cyclist fit calculator and I came up with this:

Inseam: 31.75
Trunk: 23
Forearm: 13.55
Arm: 25.25
Thigh: 21.75
Lower Leg: 21.125
Sternal Notch: 55
Total Body Height: 67.25

The Competitive Fit (cm)
Seat tube range c-c: 52.2 - 52.7
Seat tube range c-t: 53.8 - 54.3
Top tube length: 54.1 - 54.5
Stem Length: 10.7 - 11.3
BB-Saddle Position: 76.6 - 78.6
Saddle-Handlebar: 50.8 - 51.4
Saddle Setback: 2.7 - 3.1
Seatpost Type: NON-SETBACK

The Eddy Fit (cm)
Seat tube range c-c: 53.4 - 53.9
Seat tube range c-t: 55.0 - 55.5
Top tube length: 54.1 - 54.5
Stem Length: 9.6 - 10.2
BB-Saddle Position: 75.8 - 77.8
Saddle-Handlebar: 51.6 - 52.2
Saddle Setback: 3.9 - 4.3
Seatpost Type: NON-SETBACK

The French Fit (cm)
Seat tube range c-c: 55.1 - 55.6
Seat tube range c-t: 56.7 - 57.2
Top tube length: 55.3 - 55.7
Stem Length: 9.8 - 10.4
BB-Saddle Position: 74.1 - 76.1
Saddle-Handlebar: 53.3 - 53.9
Saddle Setback: 3.4 - 3.8
Seatpost Type: SETBACK

Now I prefer to have some setback in the seatpost (I run a Truvativ XR Team right now, a really nice stiff seatpost), but I'm not sure if I should stay with the 53.5cm TT bike or if I should move up to the next larger size which has a 55cm TT. I'm having a little problem right now with some hand numbness, but it's only on the hoods (I'm fine in all positions on the tops as well as the drops) so I believe that it's just the hood positioning is a little off and something that can be easily fixed when I set up the new bike. Any thoughts, recommendations, or advice about the Ciocc would be great. Thanks as always.


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I'm 5'-6 " and got pretty much the same results. i went to the larger frames and then felt too stretched. i experimented with 3 frames before i gave up. If your use to the 53 top tube and go to the longer one you may feel like your riding in a superman position or too stretched out. check out zinn sizing page at, colorado cycling sizing at or wrench science at to see other options.
If your size meets the guidelines of the colorado cyclist your riding the optimun size. I'm assuming you know that Reparto Corse has that frame on sale for less than $500. here is the link

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Nice choice!

Hi there daneil!

I've admired Ciocc bikes for a long time now (and a lot more other bikes at that :D ). Fantastic choice, might I add. Anyway, I'm quite confused on what, you're trying to change on your fit question. I'm pretty sure C-40 will help out pretty soon.

See if I have it right. You currently fit in a 53.5 top tube (size 51) without setback. (Or do you ride a 53.5tt with setback?) Now, you mentioned you prefer a seatpost with a setback. On top of this, you would like to see if you could go two sizes (53) up to a 55 top tube. (the next size up is a 52 with 54tt) I assume you'll keep your stem/bar length constant. At 5'7'', unless you have a long torso, you might be just a bit streched out. The seat angle for Ciocc bikes from size 50 through 53 is at 74 deg., so no complication there.

Are you ok with your 53.5 top tube (assuming it has a 74 degree seat angle)? If so, why move up? For my bikes, I have almost identical setbacks, toptubes, and seat angles. For my latest build (Guerciotti Twister), I experimented with a 120mm stem and a 46 o-o bar, departing from a 110 stem and a 44 o-o bar. I noticed just some minor difference... more to the lines of added comfort. If you feel comfortable with the current geometry you have, why not stick with it? The stem and bars are plenty to play with, in my opinion. Do you feel that your old frame geometry is too small for you?

Where and when are you getting the Ciocc? I like the color scheme as well :) Enjoy! Btw. here's the geometry chart for Ciocc

Ride safely!


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New boy here, first post. Anyway, after 7 years away from cycling I am back in and just ordered this frame. Got mine at repartocorse for $462 shipped. Building up with Centaur, it should serve me well. Frame specs are spot on with the frames I used to ride.
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