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I have a 70's Nishiki Competition with 44-54 rings and 14-21 rear. I live in New Mexico where mountains, hills, etc abound. The combination above is totally out of place here. Is there someone or someplace which sells components I could use to re-tool this bike. It weighs 25 pounds, chro-molly, SunTour chain rings and Campy rear shifter.

Also, anyone know what the original specs were? I think I changed the rings. I love the bike which I used during the "gas crunch," for commuting and for club road rides. It is fast, responsive, a bit brutal on the hands. I'd really rather upgrade than buy a new bike.

I have ridden a Specialized Roubaix 27, Orbea and Trek 1000 and Trek 2100. I love the fact that the Orbea has a parentage from Tour de France country and it's not from China or Tiawain (sp).

Hope someone can give me guidance. Thanks.

This is my first post.
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