Civia Cycles was on display at the recent SaddleDrive dealer event held in Ogden, UT and put on my QBP (the largest bicycle parts & accessories distributor in the U.S.) Civia's tagline is "Beautiful Neighborhood Bikes" and that is quite accurate. Their bikes are not flashy or carbon or hydroformed. With the exception of one aluminum model, all of their bikes are 4130 steel. Civia builds utilitarian bikes that aren't boring. Simple, clean lines and paint schemes that help highlight the unique designs and all-around use are evident.

Highlighted here are 3 very different models from the Civia 2013 line-up: the North Loop, Halsted and the Twin City. The North Loop is a flat bar road bike with a simple drivetrain and options for racks and fenders (like most Civia offerings). The Halsted is like a Mini-Velo meets a Cargo Bike - designed for some serious haulin'. The Twin City is available in either a step-over or a step-through frame and with a singlespeed or 7-speed internal geared hub drivetrain options. The Twin City has a very distinctive split top tube design. Besides clean designs and great utility, Civia bikes are also very affordable. The pricing for each model is shown below.

North Loop - Flat bar road bike
  • 1x8 drivetrain
  • long pull/adjustable reach caliper brakes
  • 25 degree sweep flat bar
  • 4130 Chromoly
  • 2013 model available in December and will come with matching rear removable rack
  • $845

Halsted - Cargo bike

Civia's take on the traditional cycle truck is designed for every-day hauling. Featuring a frame-mounted front rack with a sturdy base made from recycled dumpster plastic, Halsted's versatile design lets you carry up to 50 pounds of awkward objects like soccer balls, pizza boxes or a few bags of soil for the garden. Delivering an extremely balanced and comfortable ride, its 20" front wheel lowers the load's center of gravity, while a 26" rear adds speed and stability. Halsted's compact wheelbase allows tight maneuvering in urban spaces.
  • 20" front tire, 26" rear
  • 1x9 drivetrain
  • Oversized headtube to allow oversized top and down tube for more rigidity
  • Front deck is connected to the frame for a really stable load
  • Rated at 50 lbs for the front rack
  • Front rack is removable
  • Comes with basket inserts
  • Can remove the whole deck and can attach a cooler or a box (4 attachment points)
  • The main diamond of the frame has tabs on the inside to mount a sign (to allow shops to use this as a shop bike and advertise their shop)
  • Also comes with a café lock box, if it's used as a delivery bike, turn a key to lock the steering
  • Comes with double leg kickstand
  • 2013 model, Available December (third year for this model)
  • Changes from last year to this year are the inclusion of the basket inserts with no price change
  • $1195

Twin City

The simplicity of the Civia Twin City bike encourages you to get out of your car and onto your bike. It's perfect for cruising around town or going to the coffee shop. The integrated rear rack is great for running errands, and the optional frame bag makes travelling with your wallet and keys simple and worry free. The internally geared hub or coaster hub (which ever you choose) means maintenance is a breeze, and the quiet ride lets you fully engage with the culture and community around you.
  • 5 levels:
    • Singlespeed - $545
    • 1x8 derailleur - $645
    • 1x8 derailleur - $745
    • 5 speed Shimano Nexus internal - $845
    • 7 speed Nexus (top of the line with painted to match front rack) - $995 (2013 model will come with all grey tires, frame bag and pocket bag (mounted in cage mounts). The frame bag and pocket bag are also available as aftermarket items.)
  • Split top tube is for a clean look and also allows the cable housing to be routed between the tubes.
  • All come with V-brakes except the Singlespeed version (which comes with coaster brakes)
  • All saddles are spring loaded, for comfort
  • SM, MD, LG, XL sizes
This chart will help you determine approximately what size frame you need. It is designed as a starting place only. Proper bike fit is a personal thing, so Civia recommends that you please visit your local bike shop to test ride the size this chart recommends and to get properly fitted.

Twin City Step-Over Size
SizeTypeHeight Range
MediumStep Over5'6 - 5'10"
LargeStep Over5'7" - 6'2"
X-LargeStep Over5'10" - 6'4"
Twin City Step-Through Size
SizeTypeHeight Range
SmallStep Through5'0" - 5'4"
MediumStep Through5'4" - 5'11"
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