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Classic Cannondale R300 Road Bike; minimal use.
Here's a great way to get a road bike that's hardly been used for way less than carbon offerings. A current carbon bike with this spec will set you back thousands.

The bike is in fantastic condition! My wife purchased it with the intent of getting into road riding but life got in the way. There are a few knicks behind the bottom bracket and on the "R300" decal shown in the last two photos. Other than that it's mint. Here's the best part; this is from a time when Cannondale still made their bikes in the USA and only the entry level bikes were made in China. This classic has the build quality that Cannondale built it's name on and the ride to match.

Just received a complete tuneup in prep for the sale. Specs are as follows.

Size 48cm with sloping top tube.
Shimano 3x8 speed (12x28) RSX for super low road gearing that really helps on the hills.
Mavic Wheels
Continental Tires.
Cannondale Coda Bar, Stem, Saddle, Seatpost
Accessories included are: a compact pump and water bottle cage.
Pedals not included.

Buyer responsible for shipping which will be via Budget about $150 for shipping depending on how close you are to CT.

$600 USD

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