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Cleaning Look labels etc.

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I have a naked carbon 2001 KG281 with the gray Look labels.

I'd like to clean off what little dried grease etc. if possible. Is there a safe method of doing it without damaging the labels?

Also, is it necessary to put some type of treatment on the naked carbon for protection.

I have read where some riders apply something to the frame - I don't want to change the shade too much if possible.

Thanks in advance.
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Amfoto1 said:
WD40 is fish oil, I think. At any rate it's pretty mild. So, yes, it should be fine so long as you wash it off with a mild soap afterward. I've used it to remove handlebar tape glue from carbon bars without any problems.

Still, I think Goo Gone is orange oil and it's probably the safest thing to use. I'd still wash it off afterward.
WD40 is made of:
50%: Stoddard solvent (i.e., mineral spirits -- primarily hexane, somewhat similar to kerosene)
25%: Liquified petroleum gas (presumably as a propellant; carbon dioxide is now used instead to reduce WD-40's considerable flammability)
15+%: Mineral oil (light lubricating oil)
10-%: Inert ingredients
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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