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seemana said:
Good reminder. I'm going to check my stem when I get home tonight. I noticed a click last time I rode...thought it was the BB. It's only when I'm standing up. I did change stems recently...maybe that's the culprit!
to repost from my mtbr alter ego.

Got a leak, call a plumber. Got a creak, call a plumber!

So, you have this creak in your BB and cant seem to get rid of it. You tried greasing the BB and everything related. You have eliminated everything else as a cause too.

Then you buddy comes over who is a plumber. He just rides a downhill bike on the lifts during the summer. He asks what you are doing with your BB all out an such. You ramble about your mystery "creak"

He just goes to his truck gets two things and hands them two you...........

1) Plumbers thread compound with teflon
2) Teflon plumbers tape (the white common stuff)

He tells you to put a little compound on the thread of the bb and force it into all of them.

He then tells you to wrap the teflon tape around the bb thread. (going the correct direction for each side)

He then tells you to put more compound on the threads and between all the spacers.

He then says "Assemble normally"

That stupid creak was GONE. 20 rides later, still gone.
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